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The 12+1 London label, led by U Z Z V and Barucc, is commemorating its 100th release with ‘Coolonize’. This track, set for release next Friday, June 7th, delivers intense energy with nostalgic drumlines, electrifying synths, and hypnotic vocals. […]

Dvox Mag: New music on 12+1 London for 2024

[…] You can follow the Soundcloud profile to keep listening to the upcoming quality releases including tracks from JUST2, Marko Nastic, Muse Groove, Bartolome, Andy Peimbert, YIA, Poulsen, etc. just to name a few artists that are coming up before European summer time.

u z z v presents his new album ‘NINE’ via 12+1 London

u z z v, 12+1 London label head, has just released ‘NINE’  in celebration of the imprint’s ninth anniversary. The artist spent almost three years curating this eight-track album/mixtape. Featuring  Jamahr, Last Vision, Barucc, Adam Braiman and Ekoboy.

DJMag (SP): FOCUS ON 12+1 London

Pinceladas minimal, destellos de tech-house, sonidos mentales, ásperos, pero siempre con un beat constante y marcado, mirando el futuro en un viaje que trata de jugar con las emociones del oyente en cada release que lanzan.

Celebrating its 8th year, 12+1 London has recently released a special album entitled ‘Bonus Point (7+1)’ produced by the label head-honcho, u z z v. (2022)

Há alguns anos, com carreira já consolidada através de produções voltadas essencialmente ao Tech House, Gabriel Evoke foi fisgado por novas sonoridades e passou a se dedicar a música de estética mais minimalista.

12+1 London is kickstarting its new vinyl WAX series with its first release ‘Higher Orbit’, courtesy of Alex Arnout. The new drop is already available to purchase via Decks online store.

u z z v visita los estudios de Europa FM para charlar sobre su música y su sello discográfico.

Rafael Guterres, or simply Guterres, is one of the names on the Brazilian scene that has been catching attention as his journey with music has progressed […]